Snagged a Solana Saga Pre-Surge? Explore the Airdrops Ready for Your Claim!

Beyond BONK: Claim Multiple Token Airdrops with Your Solana Saga

The Solana Saga smartphone has become a hot topic for owners as they can now claim various token airdrops and other perks, with more exciting opportunities on the horizon.

The rising price of the leading Solana meme coin, BONK, significantly boosted the value of a token airdrop for holders, leading to a rush to secure the last units of the Saga, which is now sold out.

Solana Labs is considering future developments in the Saga ecosystem. Meanwhile, other Solana-based projects are keeping the excitement alive by launching their token airdrops for Saga owners.

Renowned YouTube tech reviewer MKBHD dubbed the Saga the “bust of the year,” but a series of airdrops have left Saga buyers feeling satisfied with their purchases. Those who claimed every airdrop and free perk, and held onto them, are now sitting on $3,000 or more worth of free tokens.

Current Airdrops

  • BONK: Saga owners can claim 30 million BONK tokens, valued at approximately $575 (at the time of writing).
  • Access Protocol: The platform is offering 100,000 ACS tokens to each Saga owner, currently valued at around $370.
  • Honeyland: Saga owners can claim 50 HXD tokens and a “Beemium” in-game upgrade, providing a potential boost for getting started in the game.

Upcoming Airdrops

  • Samoyedcoin: The long-running Samoyedcoin (SAMO) plans to conduct an airdrop for Saga owners, with details coming soon.
  • Solend: The lending protocol is planning its own airdrop for Saga owners, with details yet to be revealed.

Additional Perks

  • Earning SHDW: Saga owners can mine SHDW tokens by running an “Auditor Node” for ShdwDrive, a decentralized storage platform for Web3 builders.
  • Helium Mobile: Saga owners in the United States can claim a free month-long trial of Helium Mobile, valued at $20.
  • Stake for ELE: Saga Genesis NFT holders can stake their NFT pass and earn ELE tokens in preparation for the Elementerra game’s official launch in January 2024.
  • Genopets Toy: Saga owners can claim a free in-game “Saga Phone Toy” as an extra benefit in the Genopets game.

Past Perks

  • Claynosaurz: Call of Saga: Early Saga owners were able to claim one of 2,000 free NFTs exclusive to Saga Genesis NFT holders, now valued at 22 SOL or about $2,050.
  • Magic Eden: Saga users were offered a “Magic Box” containing 25 USDC, or $25 worth of the stablecoin, available to the first 5,000 Saga users.

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