Prominent Trader Predicts Smooth Sail for Solana Beyond $100 and Reveals Upcoming Surge for an Ethereum-Based Altcoin

Crypto Trader’s Bold Predictions for Solana (SOL)

A prominent crypto trader, known as Bluntz, who accurately predicted Bitcoin’s 2018 bear market price floor, is now making waves in the crypto community by forecasting a significant surge for Solana (SOL). Bluntz, who has a following of 226,000 on the social media platform X, suggests that Solana, a strong Ethereum (ETH) competitor, is set to surpass the $100 mark with ease. He believes that after a prolonged accumulation phase, Solana could witness a remarkable increase of over 218% from its current value.

Bluntz expressed his confidence, stating, “These high timeframe accumulation breaks after 90% drawdowns are the things dreams are made of. No high time frame resistance in my opinion until $137 on SOL.” He highlighted the bullish momentum of Solana after breaking out of a downward channel, emphasizing the potential for further growth.

As of now, Solana is trading at $42.95, but Bluntz’s predictions have generated excitement among traders and investors, anticipating a substantial price surge in the near future.

Insights on Lido DAO (LDO) and Bullish Signals

Aside from his optimistic outlook on Solana, Bluntz also shared insights on the liquid-staking service provider Lido DAO (LDO). Analyzing the LDO/BTC pair, he suggested that the pair might have already reached a cycle low, indicating a potential upward trend against Bitcoin.

When examining the LDO/USD pair, Bluntz pointed out a bullish setup on the four-hour chart. He noted, “LDO consolidating above the prior high, gearing up for the next markup in my opinion. I really like this setup. LDO/BTC ended up closing the week as a very nice engulfing as well.”

Currently, LDO/BTC is trading at 0.0000555 BTC ($1.97), showcasing promising signs of a bullish market sentiment, as observed by Bluntz.

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