NFT Project DeGods Sets Sights on Solana Comeback Following Ethereum Venture

Revitalizing Foundations on Solana

DeGods, a prominent NFT project that shifted to Ethereum in March 2023, is contemplating a return to Solana, the blockchain where it first garnered distinction. The project’s founder, Frank, recently hinted at this possibility through a test image, sparking discussions within the cryptocurrency community. Historically, DeGods held the highest market value on the Solana Blockchain before transitioning to Ethereum following the FTX/Alameda collapse.

The reintroduction of DeGods to Solana could significantly benefit the blockchain, known for its unique offerings in the digital assets space. DeGods’ prior success on Solana contributed substantially to its ecosystem, enhancing its market importance. A move back could potentially bolster Solana’s standing further, especially at a time when its main network asset, SOL, has been performing robustly.

Strategic Decisions Amid Market Shifts

The initial migration of DeGods to Ethereum was influenced by a need for stability after the FTX/Alameda debacle destabilized Solana’s environment. However, recent improvements and stabilizations within Solana have made it an attractive option once again for the NFT project. Frank’s shared test image is part of broader research into the best blockchain options, taking into account technical performance, scalability, and community support.