Moshnake, Avalanche, & Solana Are 3 ‘Ethereum Killers’ Rumoured To Explode This Year

What’s new with Avalanche (AVAX)?

In August, Avalanche (AVAX) reached a record high for daily transactions, outpacing Ethereum (ETH) in value. One of the main improvements helping the Avalanche coin succeed in the market is AvalancheGo Verbier. In addition, the Avalanche network’s expansion, as announced by Ava Labs, has caused Avalanche to grow.

Currently ranking in the top 20 by market capitalisation with a market cap of $7.8 billion, AVAX seems to be on a bullish road. Hubble Exchange recently introduced perpetual futures on the Avalanche network making the Avalanche coin particularly appealing. Moreover, since it supports customised Avalanche subnets and has chains compatible with Ethereum and EVM, the coin is much more desirable.

What’s spiked Solana’s (SOL) price?

According to a press release by Jump Crypto, the company is entering the room to help ‘Solana’s open-source core software’  and to ‘increase the throughput and reliability of the network’ due to its recent slowdowns and outages. In the upcoming 12 months, the network is expected to have efficiency, resilience, and a faster rate of processing transactions. 

The coin has seen a 7% rise in the past seven days at the time of writing, according to Coinmarketcap. Anatoly Yakovenko, the co-founder of Solana (SOL), explained how the network had grown significantly over the past two years. The market capitalisation of Solana increased by nearly 10,000%, from less than $150 million in August 2020 to $14.96 billion at the time of writing.

Will Moshnake (MSH) take over the GameFi world?

To give players a benchmark experience, developers decided Moshnake (MSH) should be built on top of the BNB Smart Chain. The team has analysed all of the popular blockchain networks in the GameFi market to provide an excellent gaming experience. 

In the upcoming years, Moshnake will develop into an entirely community-driven game. The Moshnake engineering team will work with the community and fans of Moshnake to gather ideas and suggestions during the game design and development stage.

The governance token $MSH will power and direct the Moshnake DAO. The token will enable community members with administrative, voting, and governance powers to vote on ideas about game development, marketing, and expansion, among other things.  MSH tokens will be given to the players. As additional MSH tokens are given to the players, it is anticipated that the full conversion to DAO will take place. For the project to become truly decentralised, the ownership of tokens by the development team and the initial investors will become less centralised in the future.

Anyone can join Moshnake DAO and start voting by staking MSH coins into the contract. The number of Moshanke Tokens staked and the total number of MSH tokens in circulation will determine the voting power.

All of the above coins have great future potential with the possibility to make you a future millionaire. 

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