Meme Token Craze Propels Solana to New Heights

Meme Token Craze Propels Solana to New Heights

The Rise of Meme Tokens on Solana

The enthusiasm for meme tokens has propelled Solana‘s ecosystem, leading to a surge in network interactions and fee revenues. An analysis revealed that Solana raked in over $20 million in fees within a week, trailing only behind Ethereum. The smart contract platform’s market share also witnessed a jump, capturing 10.75% of the total transaction fees.

Trend Shifts Towards Solana

Cryptocurrency expert David Alexander II noted a dramatic increase in Solana’s network fee capture, with interest in recently launched meme tokens like SLERF and BOOK OF MEME drawing in swaths of individual investors. This pivot from a historically low fee capture of under 1% points to Solana’s growing popularity and robust activity.

Surging User Engagement and Liquidity

Solana’s daily active user figures soared, peaking at 2.1 million on a single day, and decentralized exchanges on the network experienced heightened activity. This drove weekly volumes to surpass those of Ethereum’s DEXs, according to reports from DeFiLlama.

The influx of activity also led to an increase in liquidity, with Solana’s total value locked exceeding $8 billion. The price of Solana’s native token (SOL) momentarily breached the $200 mark, a peak not seen since December 2021, though it later settled at $174.

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