March Outlook: Anticipating a 100% Surge in Solana (SOL) Price

March Outlook: Anticipating a 100% Surge in Solana (SOL) Price

Altcoin Uptrend: Solana’s Three-Day Bull Run

Amidst the frenzy in altcoins, Solana has recently joined the uptrend party, experiencing a notable three-day bull run that resulted in a breakout. Currently ranking at #5 with a market cap of $60 billion, the SOL price has exceeded the $135 mark and indicates the potential to surpass $150 in the near future.

March Momentum: Solana’s Position Among Top Performers

As altcoins gain momentum, especially with the strong Bitcoin rally, Solana is anticipated to be one of the top performers in the current month. The question on everyone’s mind is whether this top performer can reach $500 in March. To explore this curiosity, dive into our SOL price prediction, forecasting a robust uptrend for Solana.

Can Solana Price Break Above $150?

With a cup and handle pattern breakout, the SOL price exhibits a noteworthy bullish trend. Following a successful retest of $100, buyers propel the prices to new heights, establishing a new 52-week high. At present, SOL is trading at $135 with an intraday gain of 7.41%, teasing the completion of the triple white soldier pattern. Over the last seven days, the altcoin has seen a 35% increase, signaling a significant reversal.

With influential figures like SBF endorsing Solana from within the jail, the overall sentiment is extremely bullish. Consequently, the likelihood of SOL price surpassing the $150 mark is imminent.

Technical Indicators

  • MACD Indicator: The MACD and signal lines demonstrate a bullish crossover, indicating a trend reversal for Solana. This crossover strengthens the bullish momentum during the ongoing bull run.

Will SOL Price Surge 100% In 30 Days?

As the bullish trend reversal surpasses the 50% trend-based Fibonacci level, the SOL price encounters substantial buying pressure. The broader market recovery propels the altcoin for a new run, potentially exceeding the $150 mark.

Optimistically, the rising demand and growing volume, coupled with the ongoing breakout, set the stage for a more extended run. In such a scenario, Solana could reach the $200 mark or the 1.618 Fib level at $244.

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