Kin Foundation debuts Solana-based on-ramp tool for app developers

The Kin Foundation has rolled out a solution called Kinetic that will allow developers to integrate Solana into their apps thus enabling them to introduce crypto use cases on their platforms, the foundation said on Tuesday.

Kinetic is an open-source middleware technology for Solana-based in-app integration. It includes both API and SDKs necessary for builders to deploy crypto integrations on their apps. The process will require minimal coding effort, the foundation said. This is to ensure that the software package is useful to both crypto-native and mainstream app developers. Kinetic achieves this by ensuring that implementation details associated with managing token transfers are relegated to the background.

The Kin Foundation’s new open-source software package comes with tools that enable app developers to create wallets for their users. The wallets are non-custodial, meaning that owners retain their private keys. The announcement also stated that Kinetic’s software package is agile across the Solana technology stack. The software package is in line with modern token account creation standards but is also backward compatible with older standards.

As a Solana-based technology, Kinetic may also have to deal with network outages. This is because Solana has experienced numerous outages in the past. Kin Foundation’s Marc Rose, its head of marketing, said that Kinetic comes with a dashboard for developers to see how app transactions are performing. 

“Developers typically implement ways for transactions to fail gracefully so that the user experience is not meaningfully impacted,” Rose told The Block, adding, “Because Kinetic inherits Solana standards, and we return standard Solana errors (in the background), we could quickly incorporate future new solutions and continuous improvements as they become available from Solana.”

The Kin Foundation stated that apps developed on Kinetic are eligible for grants and rewards. App developers who use the software package can submit their platforms to the Kin Developer Portal. Those who win will be issued grants in the Foundation’s kin tokens.

Source : theblock

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