How PussyDAO Is Using Solana NFTs to Sell Physical Underwear

Most people today likely first associate NFTs with digital-only items like profile pictures, artwork, and collectibles. But blockchain tokens can also be tied to physical art, property, and other tangible assets.

In one provocative example of how NFTs could shake up retail and apparel, PussyDAO aims to use Solana NFTs as redemption coupons to purchase things like underwear and streetwear.

Founder and CEO Izzy Howell, formerly head of growth at Solana derivatives protocol Cyphertold Decrypt at this week’s Chainlink SmartCon conference that the idea came to her while chatting with her former DeFi colleagues.

“I was up really late with my team, and all of the guys on my team just kept saying liquidity is all that matters. ‘That’s the most important thing: liquidity, liquidity, liquidity,’” she recalled. “And the next thought in my head was that I wanted to make a pair of panties that said ‘highly liquid’ on the crotch.”

Howell—previously named a rising star in crypto by Decrypt—shared her idea with others and said she “got lots of support from the crypto industry” (including funding) so she left Cypher to focus on the new venture. PussyDAO will start off by offering NFTs that can be redeemed at any time for the physical underwear, but she has larger ambitions for the brand over time.

“We’re using Web3 tech to scale the next generation of apparel, CPG [consumer packaged goods] products, software drops, and experiences,” Howell told Decrypt in a followup chat via Telegram. “Our brand is punk rock meets hyperfemininity: we’re gritty, girly, and powerful—and a much-needed breath of fresh air in this bro-centric space.”

Howell’s plan is to expand the PussyDAO brand into “anything that’s super hype-y,” including the aforementioned products and experiences.

Source : Decrypt

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