Evaluating Solana (SOL), Chiliz (CHZ), and CEEK Coin: Price Projections and Forecasts

Solana (SOL) Analysis

Amidst the complex global economic and political landscape, the cryptocurrency market remains cautious. Rising energy prices leading to fluctuating inflation might compel central banks to tighten policies further, impacting risk markets. Solana (SOL) experienced a dip below $22 after an early October rally from $21. If the price closes below $21, it might drop to $20.2 and $19, suggesting a challenging outlook in the medium term. Further decline could target $17.5 and $15.8.

Chiliz (CHZ) Coin Analysis

Chiliz (CHZ) fell below $0.056, lacking demand in the fan token space. Positive divergence typically occurs towards the league season’s end and during cup competitions, but unless $0.056 is regained, new lows might be seen. The weekly chart is unpromising below $0.05, with potential oversold levels at $0.026 and $0.018, threatening to wipe out previous gains.

CEEK Coin Analysis

Weak tokens are susceptible to pump/dump movements due to declining volumes, attracting speculative traders. CEEK Coin’s price surged to $0.043, reminiscent of late August, but reverted to lower levels. Closings above $0.035 could target the $0.04 region, but the medium-term outlook suggests new all-time lows below $0.044. Deeper lows might form support between $0.03 and $0.025 if the price falls below $0.033.

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