Eclipse Unveils Ethereum Layer-2 Solution Powered by the Solana Virtual Machine

Eclipse Mainnet Announcement

Eclipse has officially launched its new general-purpose layer 2 scaling solution, powered by the Solana Virtual Machine (SVM). This development marks a significant milestone in the world of blockchain technology.

Key Features of Eclipse Mainnet

  • Utilizes Solana Virtual Machine for parallel transaction execution, ensuring best-in-class performance and scalability.
  • Linearly scales throughput with hardware capabilities, providing a highly efficient network.
  • Utilizes Solana’s localized fee markets to prevent congestion-related fee spikes.
  • Employs Celestia for data availability, significantly enhancing throughput compared to Ethereum.
  • Integrates Neon EVM to offer Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility on the layer-2 chain.
  • Utilizes Ethereum for settlement, leveraging its robust security features.
  • Recognizes ETH as the preferred gas token, acknowledging its status as a widely accepted decentralized currency.

Token Plans

It’s worth noting that Eclipse currently has no plans to introduce its own native token for Eclipse Mainnet.

Accessing Eclipse Mainnet

Users can access Eclipse Mainnet through two primary methods:

  1. MetaMask Snaps: Eclipse Mainnet can be accessed via MetaMask Snaps, which allows open-source contributors to develop on the MetaMask platform.
  2. Solana Native Wallets: Users can also utilize Solana native wallets to interact with Eclipse Mainnet, providing flexibility and convenience.

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