DSCVR Unveils Web3 Social Media Platform on Solana Blockchain

DSCVR Launches on Solana Ecosystem

DSCVR (pronounced “discover”), the largest Web3 social media and community building platform, has officially launched on the Solana Ecosystem. With a user base of over 200,000, DSCVR’s integration into the Solana network will extend its tokenized communities and crypto asset functionality to millions of users actively participating in the Solana community.

DSCVR was founded as an innovative solution to traditional social media, offering users a platform empowered by native crypto functionality, seamless monetization, and an open API. This launch on Solana follows DSCVR’s mission to foster crypto communities and enhance users’ access to various Web3 projects through collaborations and integrations.

Key Features of DSCVR on Solana

  • Connect to Phantom wallet
  • Receive airdrops
  • View and transact assets
  • Display verified PFPs (Profile Pictures)
  • Create token-gated communities

Selected alpha integrations including Magic Eden, FamousFoxFederation, Blocksmith Labs, and SharkyFi will enable digital asset transactions within the DSCVR feed, communities, and user-curated galleries. Moreover, innovative social and asset graph targeting tools will be available for communities and partners to foster growth.

Launch Partners and Marketing Campaign

After the launch, DSCVR will feature its launch partners from the Solana ecosystem, including MonkeDAO, Solcasino, Smyths, Meegos, YakuCorp, Aurory, CyberFrogs, StonedApeCrew, and many more. The marketing campaign will showcase a different community each day, offering airdrops, giveaways, and engaging activities to users.

Official Launch Party

DSCVR will host its official launch party on October 31st at Soho House during Solana’s Breakpoint conference in Amsterdam.

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