Disputing SEC’s Claim, Solana Foundation Affirms that SOL is Not a Security


The Solana Foundation has firmly refuted the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s claim that their native token, SOL, is an unregistered security.

In an official statement, the Solana Foundation asserted its belief that SOL is not a security and welcomed further engagement from policymakers to achieve legal clarity in the digital asset space.

Solana Foundation Challenges SEC’s Claim

Earlier this week, the SEC filed a legal complaint against crypto exchanges Binance.US and Coinbase, accusing both exchanges of trading several crypto assets that the SEC deemed as securities, including SOL.

In response to the SEC’s claim, the Solana Foundation emphasized that SOL is not a security and expressed its openness to more involvement from policymakers to bring legal clarity to the digital asset realm.

Speaking to Coindesk, the Solana Foundation stated,

“Solana Foundation is highly confident that SOL is not a security. SOL is the native token of the Solana blockchain, a strong community-driven, open-source software project that relies on decentralized user and developer engagement to thrive and grow.”

Additionally, through a tweet on June 11, 2023, the Solana Foundation emphasized the importance of policymakers’ involvement in this process. They believe that collaboration between the crypto industry and regulators is key to achieving legal clarity and ensuring continued innovation in the space.

Impact of SEC’s Claim on SOL

The SEC’s claim has had a significant impact on the price of SOL and the overall crypto market. Following the legal filing, SOL’s price, along with several other tokens, experienced a notable decline.

Nevertheless, the Solana Foundation remains optimistic and committed to working with the SEC and other stakeholders to address this issue and achieve legal clarity.

The crypto market is highly responsive to news and announcements from regulators like the SEC. Therefore, the SEC’s claim against SOL has created uncertainty in the market and prompted some investors to sell their assets, resulting in SOL’s price decline and increased market volatility.

Despite the legal challenges, the Solana community appears unfazed. A developer at the Solana NYC Hacker House event stated that the SEC’s claim does not actually affect anyone building on Solana. This showcases the strength and resilience of the Solana community amid legal challenges.


In conclusion, the SEC’s claim against SOL and other tokens has rocked the crypto world. However, the Solana Foundation has demonstrated resilience and a commitment to collaborating with regulators to achieve legal clarity.

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