Disillusioned Solana and Immutable X Investors Turn to Qubetics Whitelist

Solana Outages Lead To Investor Outrage

While there’s no denying that Solana (SOL) has been providing a valuable service to the cryptocurrency ecosystem by offering super-fast transactions, the recent issues with the coin have led many to believe it’s time for the coin to hang up its reins. In yet another instance of poor performance, Solana (SOL) went offline for several hours, irking developers and investors. This is not the first instance of its kind and might not be the last because outages have become common for Solana in 2024. Can you trust Solana for applications that require constant uptime, or is it time to move on to greener pastures like the Qubetics Whitelist?

Immutable X Suspected Of Market Manipulation

Immutable X (IMX) is a layer-2 solution for Ethereum focused on NFTs and gaming. If it was not enough that the platform decided to delay $67 million in coin rewards, it has also been accused of market manipulation. According to an investigation by a popular YouTuber, Immutable X is either artificially boosting its games to create a fake perception of success or might be suffering from a hack. A price surge of 33% within a few hours also fueled this fire. Analysts believe that the platform has been hyperinflating its collection of NFTs. This has led to investors losing all their trust in IMX.

Get High Returns With Qubetics Whitelist

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