Discover the Steps to Integrate Solana with Metamask and Key Insights into Both Platforms.

Discover the Steps to Integrate Solana with Metamask and Key Insights into Both Platforms.

Solana and Metamask Overview

Solana users often face the need to incorporate it into the Metamask wallet, and there are convenient methods to achieve this. Metamask, a leading crypto wallet running on Ethereum ERC-20 protocols, has inherent limitations in supporting certain cryptocurrencies, including Solana.

Solana Overview

Solana is a scalable decentralized network that facilitates the development of high-end dApps, supporting various decentralized solutions like Web3, NFTs, and more. However, due to its non-ETH network nature, seamless interaction with Metamask can be challenging.

Adding Solana to Metamask Using Binance Smart Chain

This method involves converting SOL into wrapped Solana (wSOL), akin to a compressed file for easier data transfer between blockchains. The process represents Solana on Ethereum temporarily and then restores its original state.

Step 1: Open CoinMarketCap Website

Users should visit the Wrapped Solana token page on CoinMarketCap, click “more” in the drop-down menu, and select the contract address of Wrapped Solana. Input the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) section in the list.

Step 2: Using Metamask Extension

Open the Metamask extension, unlock it using a passcode or other authentication methods, and select BSC as the default network.

Step 3: Import Tokens and Enter the Contract Address

Choose “Import tokens” after selecting the Binance Smart Chain network, scroll down to the Metamask window, and paste the contract address. Click “Add Custom Token” and select “Solana”. Note: Sending native SOL tokens to Metamask may cause a permanent loss of funds.

Alternate Method: Using Phantom Wallet

Some platforms, like Phantom Wallet, accept Solana tokens for transactions, making it easier for SOL holders to execute transactions.

Step 1: Install the Phantom Wallet

Visit the Phantom website and download the app or browser extension based on the device.

Step 2: New Wallet Creation

For extension users, click the extension icon and choose “Create a New Wallet”. For app users, open the software and tap “Create a New Wallet”.

Step 3: Enter Credentials

Create a strong password, input it, and click “Continue”.

Step 4: Creating a Backup

Confirm the password and create a backup recovery phrase. Ensure the complexity of the phrase for security. Click “Continue” after entering the characters.

Step 5: Note Shortcut Keys

Note down the shortcut keys on paper for easy access to the wallet.

Metamask Overview

Metamask, an open-source application, offers easy navigation, excellent support, and better control over funds on various devices. It simplifies token management without requiring users to secure private keys repeatedly, making it a reliable choice with high adaptability on all major devices and browsers.


Integrating Solana with Metamask enhances scalability and interoperability, attracting more users to the network. By following the mentioned methods, SOL holders can seamlessly incorporate their tokens into Metamask, unlocking the full potential of this high-end wallet.

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