Discover the Latest Solana Upgrade: Everything You Need to Know


In a significant move aimed at enhancing security and boosting validator activity, Solana v1.16 introduces a range of features, including elements commonly associated with Ethereum. This latest upgrade not only focuses on improving security but also incorporates innovative solutions, making it a pivotal development in the Solana ecosystem.

ZK-SNARKS Implementation

One of the key highlights of Solana v1.16 is the effective implementation of Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge (ZK-SNARKS). Traditionally linked with Ethereum scaling solutions, ZK-SNARKS have been integrated into Solana to enhance runtime support for ZK computations. This integration bridges the compatibility gap by standardizing operations on Ethereum through EIP-196, EIP-197, and EIP-198, and introducing alt_bn128 syscalls.

Confidential Transfers and SPL Tokens

Additionally, Solana v1.16 introduces confidential transfers, which require Zero-Knowledge input. With these confidential transfers, users can enhance privacy by encrypting transactions and balances of SPL tokens. SPL tokens, short for Solana Program Library tokens, operate similarly to Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens, albeit with distinct functionalities tailored for the Solana blockchain.

Validator Enhancements

Validators stand to benefit significantly from this upgrade. Solana v1.16 automatically reduces Random Access Memory Usage (RAM) for indexing accounts, optimizing the efficiency of validators. Since the deployment of the upgrade, validators now operate on 39 GB of RAM, a significant reduction from the previous 120GB, leading to enhanced performance and streamlined operations.

Additional Features

  • Better resource allocation for deploying applications.
  • Introduction of Epoch Account Hash, enhancing network security by identifying corrupt data.


Solana’s v1.16 upgrade marks a substantial step forward for the blockchain network, offering enhanced security, privacy, and efficiency for users and validators alike. While the integration of ZK-SNARKS was long overdue, Solana remains committed to continuous improvement. Looking ahead, there are plans for further upgrades, with v1.17 potentially on the horizon in the next three months.

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