Debuting on Solana Mainnet: Synesis One Unveils Pioneering NLP AI Data Crowdsourcing Platform

Zug, Switzerland, August 10th, 2023 – Synesis One Announces New Train2Earn App

Synesis One, the world’s first AI data crowdsourcing platform on the Solana Blockchain, has unveiled its latest innovation – the Train2Earn App ‘Workspace by Synesis’. This groundbreaking app is now available on iOS, Android, Saga, and web browsers, enabling individuals worldwide to engage in AI training and earn rewards.

“The Workspace App marks a significant milestone in our mission to furnish top-tier data for companies involved in AI application development,” stated Dr. Paul Lee, Co-founder and CEO of Synesis One. “Our platform is designed to bridge companies seeking quality AI training data with digital workers capable of rapidly generating data at competitive rates.”

The Growing Importance of High-Quality Data for AI Development

The demand for high-quality data to train and enhance AI models is experiencing exponential growth, with industries ranging from finance to healthcare integrating AI into their operations. Effective AI models rely on robust data to establish connections, identify patterns, and make predictions. Human involvement remains vital for training AI systems.

“Similar to Wikipedia, Synesis One contributors are actively contributing and refining data on a daily basis. However, unlike Wikipedia, our contributors are compensated for their contributions, exemplifying our Train2Earn business model. They contribute to AI training and reap rewards,” remarked Dr. Paul Lee.

Empowering AI with Verified and Auditable Crowdsourced Data

Synesis One offers limitless possibilities, exemplified by the Train2Earn platform being the first enterprise-grade on-chain software where business operations are entirely conducted on the blockchain. This ensures complete traceability and auditability of our crowdsourced data, establishing a fundamental element for a novel open data supply chain that drives AI applications,” said David Saccon, Head of Product and CTO at Synesis One.

Moreover, beyond cryptocurrency payments, the Train2Earn platform employs blockchain technology to facilitate a public voting process. Contributors collaborate to determine the quality of submitted data, resulting in a secure, decentralized, and interoperable web3 application.

Pioneering Partnerships for AI Advancements

Synesis One’s inaugural client, Mind AI, a developer of an advanced natural language reasoning engine, is benefiting from the Synesis One community’s support. This community of computer scientists is collectively contributing to create the ‘mental map’ crucial for the engine’s comprehension of the world. In training the engine, contributors are propelling humanity towards the realization of general artificial intelligence.

Access the Train2Earn Mobile App

The Train2Earn mobile app is now available for download on popular platforms including the App Store, Google Play Store, and the Saga phone App marketplace.

For more information about Synesis One and the Train2Earn mobile app, please visit

About Synesis One

Synesis One was founded in 2021 with the goal of crowdsourcing data essential for training the conversational reasoning engine developed by its sister company, Mind AI. The platform serves as a nexus connecting corporate clients seeking AI training data with crowdsourced human intelligence. To fund platform development and data ecosystem establishment, the company secured $9.5 million in funding.

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