Cybercriminals Exploit Solana Discord for Yet Another Malicious Attack

Protecting Your Discord: Best Practices

  • Double-Check User Profiles: Impersonating well-known figures isn’t a novel trick for scammers. They know that people fall into such traps and thus, they use this ruse occasionally. Users need to check user profiles carefully, especially when they claim to be who’s who of any industry.
  • Don’t Click on Unsolicited Links: Unsolicited links often convince people that it is a gateway to opportunities. Needless to mention, many people hope for such miracles to happen. Scammers take advantage of this human notion to make a quick buck. Hence, users need to avoid these links invariably.
  • Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Be it social media or banking, two-factor authentication has emerged as a safe and secure way to protect user accounts. With this, an added layer of security is added to the account that protects it from the vial gaze of the hackers.
  • Be Wary of “Exclusive” Offers: Another hoax that mostly works for scammers is exclusive rewards. They convince naive people about such offers and swindle them easily. Therefore, users need to verify such claims before clicking on anything.
  • Don’t Share Personal Details: Some scammers even get innocent users to disclose their personal details. The lack of awareness also plays a pivotal part here. Come what may, users must never disclose personal information to strangers.
  • Update Software Regularly: Platforms like Discord keep updating their applications. But many times, users tend to skip them. Users of any device must install the recent updates for their applications instantly.
  • Report Suspicious Activity: Everyone should feel responsible for reporting suspicious activity. They need to remember how in the cyber world, everyone is invulnerable. A scam could happen to anyone so be proactive when one sees something like this.

By following these measures, users can ensure safety to a large extent. However, this isn’t the first time that Solana has become a victim of a malicious attack. Just last month, hackers siphoned off 38,500 SOL tokens and $123,184 USDC from Solana-based Cypher Protocol. It should also be noted that crypto space suffers huge losses every year due to such attacks.

It is commendable that it hasn’t affected people’s enthusiasm toward crypto. However, the industry leader must work on preventing such attacks.

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