Christmas Eve Rally: Galaxy Fox Presale Surpasses $750,000

Christmas Eve Rally: Galaxy Fox Presale Surpasses $750,000

Solana’s Impressive Growth Before Christmas

Solana (SOL) and Galaxy Fox (GFOX) are making waves in the crypto world. Let’s first examine the recent performance of SOL and assess its potential bullish trajectory for the remainder of the year.

Solana has experienced a remarkable rally, surging by 70% in the 30 days leading up to December 8. This follows an earlier surge of 300% earlier in the year. After trading mostly sideways around $20 for most of 2022, SOL recently reached as high as $70.

In October, SOL surpassed $30 on October 24, and the rally slowed on November 16, reaching around $65. However, the momentum picked up again in December, propelling SOL above $70. Analysts remain optimistic, with some expecting the coin to reach $100 by the end of the year.

Galaxy Fox Presale Exceeds $750,000

Galaxy Fox is gaining attention as investors seek diverse crypto projects for their portfolios. The project distinguishes itself with its innovative GameFI concept, where players can earn crypto rewards while engaging in gameplay.

Galaxy Fox’s Web3 Endless Runner game fosters friendly competition, rewarding the top 20% of players with a share of the prize pool each season. This provides a tangible incentive for active participation.

  • Galaxy Fox’s gameplay-based rewards
  • Implementation of a staking mechanism rewarding GFOX holders with 2% of transaction fees

The ongoing Galaxy Fox presale has already raised over $750,000, attracting numerous early investors. In the current stage 3 of the presale, GFOX is available for $0.001122, and prices are expected to rise as the presale progresses.

Galaxy Fox’s tokenomics strategy is a key strength, allocating 4% of every GFOX trade to the liquidity pool and treasury, ensuring long-term stability and discouraging sudden sell-offs. The 2% staking pool fee further incentivizes holding, contributing to the project’s sustainability.

Galaxy Fox seamlessly combines the concepts of GameFi and memecoin. The Web3 Endless Runner game provides an entertaining platform for earning crypto rewards, while the project’s memeable characters and NFT assets enhance its overall appeal.

The Galaxy Fox gaming ecosystem continues to expand by introducing NFTs that can be traded on platforms like OpenSea.


The impressive growth of Solana and the innovative approach of Galaxy Fox offer hope for crypto enthusiasts. With over $750,000 raised in the ongoing presale, Galaxy Fox is increasingly gaining attention from investors.

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