Calyptus Launches Groundbreaking Career Platform for Senior Engineers in Web3: Introducing the First Dedicated Solana Upskilling Curriculum

The Introduction of Calyptus’ Solana Curriculum: Empowering Senior Engineers in Web3

The innovative Web3 startup, Calyptus, has pioneered a groundbreaking Solana curriculum aimed at welcoming experienced software engineers into the industry. Recognizing the scarcity of blockchain developers—only 18,000 supporting the vast $1 trillion crypto industry—the startup is determined to showcase the remarkable potential of Solana’s blockchain to the global community of software engineers.

If you’re unfamiliar with Calyptus, they are Web3’s Career Platform for Experienced Builders. To date, the startup has empowered over 5,000 software engineers, helping them enhance their employability or secure their dream job at a Web3 startup, all at no cost.

The platform already offers a comprehensive curriculum in Ethereum development, curated by the ex-technical director of Consensys. It features over 125 lessons crafted by Ethereum experts, from Aave blockchain engineers to PhD cryptographers. Moreover, Calyptus has organized virtual coding workshops led by influential Web3 leaders like Nader Dabit and Vitto Rivabella, providing the latest education in the ever-evolving world of Ethereum development.

Expanding Horizons: Going Multi-Chain with Solana

Having established partnerships with 35 prominent employers in the Ethereum ecosystem, including Optimism, Aave, and SuperFluid, and facilitating placements at organizations like The Graph, Gelato Network, and Request, Calyptus is now gearing up to replicate its success in the Solana network.

Funded by The Solana Foundation, their free curriculum is designed to usher senior developers into the Solana community by offering top-notch education in high-demand areas such as Compressed NFTs, DeFi, Security, and Mobile. A groundbreaking 70% of the curriculum focuses on these cutting-edge topics, providing rare insights to the wider world and marking a first-of-its-kind initiative for the Solana ecosystem.

Quality Collaboration: Building the Curriculum

In the development of this curriculum, Calyptus founders collaborated closely with leading Solana-based companies and projects, including Solana Mobile, Helius, QuillAudits, and HXRO Network, ensuring both quality and relevance. Consisting of eight project-led tutorials, the curriculum will see the addition of four more tutorials in the coming months to maintain high learner engagement and excitement.

Co-founder Dan Jones expressed his enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “Having worked on the curriculum for over 6 months with an incredible team of content creators and invaluable guidance from the Solana Foundation, we’re very excited to be finally launching education that showcases the true potential of Solana and why it’s a formidable blockchain for software engineers to be exploring.”

Achieving Milestones: Calyptus’ Vision for 2024

Through incentivized learning, where learners earn XP for completing tutorials, and offering lifetime recruitment support to the first 100 engineers completing the curriculum, Calyptus aims to onboard 1,500 senior engineers into the Solana ecosystem in 2024 alone. This achievement would double the size of Solana’s developer ecosystem, marking a significant milestone in the industry.

Ultimately, Calyptus’ new Solana curriculum is a major triumph for Web3, providing yet another reliable “bridge” for global software engineers to learn and secure high-paying jobs in the industry. For software engineers with foundational knowledge of programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, or Rust, Calyptus stands as an exciting gateway to a bold new career in blockchain technology.

  • Empowers experienced software engineers with specialized Solana curriculum.
  • Offers free education in high-demand areas like Compressed NFTs, DeFi, Security, and Mobile.
  • Collaborates with leading Solana-based companies and projects to ensure curriculum quality.
  • Provides incentivized learning opportunities and lifetime recruitment support for learners.

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