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Solana Breakpoint 2022: Fun and Games in Lisbon as Winter Abides

Solana has faced many challenges this year, but Breakpoint’s Games Day showed that the Solana GameFi ecosystem has huge potential. Solana’s Rocky Year  If last year’s Breakpoint conference was an all-out celebration that landed as SOL soared to staggering highs, this year’s event felt a lot more subdued. Landing in the midst of crypto winter,[Read more…]

Why Do Solana DeFi Protocols Keep Getting Exploited?

Solana’s Mango Markets and Solend have both come under attack in recent weeks.  Solana DeFi Attacked Again Another Solana DeFi protocol has been exploited.  Solend, a lending and borrowing protocol built on Solana, reported that an attacker drained $1.26 million of users’ funds Wednesday. The exploit was due to an oracle attack, meaning that an[Read more…]

Mango $100M Attack: How a Whale Swindled a Solana DeFi Favorite

In something of an audacious move, the attacker used their MNGO tokens to vote on their own Mango DAO governance proposal. Whale Targets Mango  Days after BNB Chain’s bridge was hit by a $566 million exploit, Mango Markets has suffered a nine-figure attack. The Solana DeFi protocol was targeted late Tuesday after a whale attacker[Read more…]

Solana, Avalanche Prepare for Extreme Volatility

Solana and Avalanche appear to be at risk of a steep correction. These tokens need to reclaim vital support levels quickly to avoid further losses. Trouble Ahead Solana and Avalanche experienced a 2% correction over the past few hours, which correlates with Ethereum’s successful transition to Proof-of-Stake. Solana appears to form a bear flag on its daily[Read more…]