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SOL’s Q4 could be trader-friendly; its reasons might amaze you

Solana [SOL] seems to have been long forgotten recently with other blockchains, such as Ethereum [ETH] and Cardano [ADA] grabbing the headlines. The network has long been scrutinized for its outages over the years. However, Solana developers have been actively trying to fix these issues and create a secure hassle-free experience for users. This is the latest attempt by Solana[Read more…]

Assessing whether y00ts will be the one to take Solana NFTs to the moon

Delphi Digital fueled quite the stir recently after it revealed that Solana hit a new ATH of sorts. According to its tweet, Solana recorded NFT volumes of 344k – An ATH that well surpassed its previous all-time high set in May. This big surge may be attributable to the y00ts NFTs. Ergo, the question – Could the rising interest in Solana’s NFTs[Read more…]

Solana sees integrations with multiple wallets; what could be in store next?

Solana [SOL] launched integrations with both xdefi wallet and trust wallet, thus attracting a large number of the user base. But the question is- With the new Helium network announcement, could SOL see a bullish run in the future? Only time will tell Solana has been in the news for quite some time, but not always for the best reasons. Over the[Read more…]

Did Algorand’s founders critique Solana? ALGO’s street cred has answer

The founder and CTO of Algorand both have indirectly made strong remarks about Solana in order to compete for Helium Network’s anticipated migration. Now, you might ask if this recent development coupled with Algorand’s massive social media interest helped Algorand’s price. Well, earlier this month, the Helium Network announced in a blog post, that they have proposed to[Read more…]

Solana NFTs reach this minting milestone to leave investors in awe

Solana is showing a strong surge in its NFT ecosystem in recent days. Not to forget, the overall demand for NFTs continues to falter in September despite showing glimpses of recovery. Meanwhile, Solana NFT mints hit an all-time high recently on 7 September after it reached the 300,000 mark. The network recorded just 77.79k mints at[Read more…]

Solana [SOL] traders going long are unaware of this important info

Solana’s native token SOL registered a promising uptrend lately as its price grew over 10% in the last seven days. The price surge gave hope to investors for brighter days ahead. Though there have been several positive developments in the community in the past few days, the stability of this hike is still questionable. Several[Read more…]

Why Solana [SOL] may not be in the clear despite its 13% rally to the $30 range 

Solana [SOL] has finally chosen a side in the tug of war that has been going on between the bulls and bears since end of August. The cryptocurrency delivered a strong bullish performance in the last three days after finding support near the $31 price level. SOL previously struggled to find a directional footing especially in[Read more…]

ALTCOISolana (SOL) Price Prediction 2025-30: Can ‘underrated’ SOL go as high as $1200?NS

Disclaimer: The datasets shared in the following article have been compiled from a set of online resources and do not reflect AMBCrypto’s own research on the subject. Introduced back in 2020, Solana has emerged as the market-leading cryptocurrency that uses the “proof of stake” mechanism. As one of the first to use the innovative “proof of[Read more…]

How these Solana [SOL] collaborations led to a >$1B redemption- What next

After some days of abysmal performance, Solana [SOL] rode its horse back to a $1 billion trading volume. Regarded as one of the fastest growing ecosystems in the crypto space, SOL lost grip of the $1 billion volume when the price plunged from $33.44 to $30.62 on 7 September. On the same day, Solana confirmed its partnerships with[Read more…]

As Solana completes 95 million transactions, SOL may see a new dawn

Recent data from Solana [SOL]’s blockchain explorer stated that the network processed a total of 96.62 million transactions. In fact, at the time of writing, the network processed an average of 3,044 transactions per second. With impressive statistics like these, Solana could prove its skeptics wrong while also lowering  the FUD around Solana’s downtime. While it remains to be seen whether SOL[Read more…]