Arthur Hayes Reveals the Altcoin Set to Surpass Solana (SOL) According to BitMEX Founder

Prediction Details

Hayes forecasted that Aptos (APTO) will surpass Solana (SOL) to become the second largest L1 blockchain within the next one to three years. He plans to disclose more specific insights about his prediction in September of this year.

During the interview, Hayes emphasized that Aptos has the potential to dethrone Solana and establish itself as a leading player in the competitive L1 space.

Competitive Dynamics in Blockchain

This prediction highlights the ongoing competition within the blockchain industry, where platforms vie for dominance based on factors like scalability, transaction speed, and developer adoption.

Warning on Crypto Market Risks

Besides his prediction, Hayes also raised concerns about a significant risk looming over the cryptocurrency market in the next two to three years.

  • He warned of the potential for a major hack on a crypto custodian, resulting in losses ranging from $50 billion to $100 billion in cryptocurrencies.
  • Hayes believes such an event could signal the end of the current market cycle and have far-reaching implications across the industry.