Aptos’s Layer 1 mainnet launching soon; date not finalized

Aptos, a new Layer 1 network, has launched its mainnet.

Solana developers have been frustrated on its network, and are exploring moving over to Aptos, which is one of the most anticipated Layer 1 launches. The blockchain, founded by former Meta employees, has also attracted the attention of FTX Ventures, which led a $150 million raise for Aptos in July. 

Aptos has had its first transactions on mainnet, although they are mostly maintenance messages by validators. User transactions are expected to begin on Oct. 18.

Aptos originated from the Facebook blockchain initiative Libra. The most talked about aspect of Aptos compared to other blockchains is its Move coding language, which is supposedly more developer-friendly and offers safeguards for asset management.

The blockchain has been undergoing a vigorous incentivized testnet program since May, which was comprised of three separate phases.

Aptos has a “focus on user experience, upgradeability, and state-of-the-art technology,” it wrote on its Medium page.

“There is already a robust ecosystem of hundreds of projects and hundreds of thousands of community members that have made Aptos their home,” the protocol said.

Correction: This article originally stated that the mainnet was not fully live as it wasn’t open to the public yet. We have updated it to show that the mainnet is live, although user transactions are yet to begin. They are expected to start on Oct. 18.

Source : theblock

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