Analyst Predicts Imminent Breakout for Solana (SOL) and Bitcoin (BTC)

Solana’s Impending Breakout

Prominent crypto analyst Bluntz, well-known in the crypto community, suggests that Solana (SOL), a strong contender against Ethereum, is on the brink of a significant breakout rally that is expected to surpass both ETH and Bitcoin (BTC). Bluntz also expressed optimism about Bitcoin’s future, indicating an imminent strong breakout.

Key Predictions and Analysis

First Stop for Solana at $47

Bluntz, an experienced crypto analyst, highlighted on Twitter that SOL is one of his top altcoin picks. He noted that the altcoin is poised to rise against the US dollar, BTC (SOL/BTC), and ETH (SOL/ETH). According to Bluntz, SOL’s structure against the US dollar looks promising, indicating a potential breakout. Using Elliott Wave Theory, he predicts that SOL is currently in an upward five-wave impulse and expects it to peak around the $47 range before its next move. Bluntz’s confidence in Solana’s performance suggests that SOL will outshine BTC and ETH in the short term.

Bitcoin’s Positive Outlook

After analyzing Solana, Bluntz turned his attention to Bitcoin. He observed strong evidence in Bitcoin’s price movement, indicating an upcoming upward trend. Bluntz dismissed claims of a potential drop to $32,000, stating that BTC is consolidating within a rising triangle formation. He emphasized that this consolidation will lead to a breakout, triggering a significant upward movement. Bluntz sees a breakout above $32,000 as a powerful bullish signal, indicating Bitcoin’s potential to continue its ascent.


Bluntz’s analysis provides valuable insights into the future of Solana and Bitcoin. His predictions suggest a bullish trend for both cryptocurrencies, with Solana leading the way with its anticipated breakout. As the crypto market continues to evolve, Bluntz’s expertise offers essential guidance for investors and enthusiasts alike.

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