Analyst Forecasts Solana to Surpass Ethereum in the Upcoming Bull Market

Ben Armstrong’s Optimistic Outlook on Solana

Renowned crypto YouTuber, Ben Armstrong, believes that Solana is poised to be one of the standout performers in the upcoming bull run. In a recent video, Armstrong referred to Solana as a “Christmas gift that just keeps on giving.”

Despite Solana’s recent successes, Armstrong predicts that it could emerge as the second-highest achiever in the bull run, with XRP leading the pack. Beyond anticipated gains, Armstrong raises the question of whether Solana has the potential to surpass Ethereum in terms of market capitalization.

Solana’s Potential Market Cap Surpassing Ethereum

Armstrong acknowledges the controversy surrounding the idea of Solana surpassing Ethereum in market cap. While he considers it a wildcard possibility, he emphasizes the difficulty of Solana catching up with Ethereum compared to Ethereum catching up with Bitcoin.

Recognizing the challenges, Armstrong points out a growing trend of institutional investors entering the Solana network. Last week alone, the amount of institutional funds flowing into Solana was four times greater than that invested in Ethereum.

  • Ethereum attracted around $3.3 million in institutional funds.
  • Solana, on the other hand, received a substantial $13 million from institutional investors.

Armstrong speculates on the continuation of this pattern, especially considering the ongoing issues among Ethereum stakeholders. He wonders if these challenges could lead to an investor exodus from Ethereum to Solana.

Potential Scenarios for Solana’s Market Cap

Armstrong concludes that even if Solana were to perform four times better than Ethereum in market cap, it would still not catch up with the flagship altcoin. However, he suggests an outside chance of approximately 20% that such a scenario could unfold.

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