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Revolution to ama’s

Providing a broad audience

Our AMA’s are efficient and forever. We provide an unique solution to the long-term impact of an AMA. Our AMA’s are: Well documented, Attractive designs, SEO Optimised, Broadly spread and available forever.

Qualifying AMA’s

We strive to follow up with top-level quality when it comes to the introduction of AMA’s. Every AMA will follow an unique format shaped with a similar yet unique design. BSCN WEB AMA’s come with a digital certification.

Analyzing crypto economy

The crypto community is a constant growing industry and has evolved to a worldwide expanded network of businesses and organisations. Qualified AMA’s with an never ending shelflife contribute to crypto adoption.


AMA Audience Target during 2021


Minimum amount of questions per AMA


Amount of AMA Hosts currently involved

An unique AMA Formula

The BSCN Web AMA is a unique format that has not been seen yet. Our dedicated content creators, IT Specialists and experienced fintech researchers came up with a formula that is believed to be more effective then most AMA formats currently available in the market.

Advantages of BSCN AMA’s

To get a better understanding of the advantages of the BSCN AMA’s learn more about our AMA solutions below.


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