SamoDEX Goes Live on Solana

The decentralized exchange will offer impressive historical data on tokens thanks to Solana’s powerful scalability.

SamoDEX is Off the Leash

The Solana blockchain’s community-owned token and ambassador, Samoyedcoin, has launched its Decentralized Exchange (DEX) protocol. The doggy-based memecoin built on Solana announced the latest development on Twitter on the 22nd of June, 2021. SamoDEX features historical data from any trading pair listed on Bonfida and a self dedicated Endpoint powered by a Solana blockchain validator.

SamoDEX Now Live With The Best Features 

SamoDEX has a similar appearance as other DEXes built on Solana, except that there is no swap feature integrated as of this writing. Instead, it features historical data from any trading pair listed on Bonfida and a self dedicated Endpoint powered by Solana blockchain validator, GenesysGo. 


SamoDEX offers everything users need to trade on Solana’s fast and secure network. The DEX offers trading tools like Trend line, Pitchfork, Annotation tools, prediction tools, and many others. Users can also trade by connecting to any of their preferred wallets, including Phantom and MathWallet. Building on Solana also ensures that trading will be fast and secure. Samoyedcoin has helped bring new people to the Solana ecosystem thanks to their distinctive marketing. The launch of a decentralized exchange will lead to more adoption and recognition of both the project and its host network. 

What is Samoyedcoin? 


Samoyedcoin is the first notorious memecoin built on Solana. Its native token — SAMO, was launched on the 20th of April, 2021 and since then, it has contributed significantly to the growth of the Solana ecosystem. Its mission is to be a community-driven coin whose goal is to bring fun and awareness to the Solana ecosystem. Although it is a memecoin, it is becoming an ambassador of the Solana network as it expands the scalable blockchain through its adorable interface. 

Final Thoughts 

Samoyedcoin has added a good use case to its protocol. In SamoDEX, the Solana ecosystem has added another protocol to its growing list of DEXes. The protocol joins top projects like BonfidaDEXSerumDEX, and LunaDEX to build on the chain. The memecoin becomes the latest to leverage Solana’s high speed, low cost, and low latency layer one blockchain to offer users the best trading experience. Since its launch, the coin has steadily gained in popularity.  The DEX is an excellent innovation by the protocol to maintain their momentum. The Solana blockchain is directly responsible for this new development, and as long as it keeps offering its top-notch features, more projects like Samoyedcoin will keep expanding.

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